The Best Forex Card For Students

If you’re studying abroad, using a forex card could make your experience smoother and cheaper. Not only will it save you from carrying cash around with you or keeping track of debit and credit card fees, but these cards offer other advantages too!

HDFC provides five forex cards, including an ISIC Student ForexPlus Card designed specifically for students – available across America, Europe and Great Britain.

1. Convenience

Students hoping to study overseas often dream of going, yet the calculations and carrying sufficient cash may be daunting. That’s where forex cards can come in handy!

Prepaid foreign exchange cards allow users to load them up with various currencies and use it at millions of merchant locations around the world to pay expenses or withdraw cash at ATMs, with their built-in security feature making them safer than carrying around large wads of cash.

Thomas Cook offers student forex prepaid cards to make payments across multiple countries easier and with lower transaction and currency exchange fees, while offering 24×7 global assistance if something goes wrong with their card or travel plans. Furthermore, this card features a fixed exchange rate at zero loading charges, free insurance coverage and baggage loss reimbursements – perfect for making payments across borders while tracking spends online through an account management portal.

2. Security

Forex cards provide a safer alternative to carrying cash abroad, featuring chip and PIN protection to guard against theft. Students can immediately block lost cards and get new ones without incurring fees; students can use them at ATMs or make online transactions with no issues whatsoever.

Another advantage of student travel cards is that they allow international students to use multiple foreign currencies without incurring conversion charges, making shopping and bill paying much simpler. The ICICI student forex card, for instance, holds up to 15 different currencies at once but has daily ATM withdrawal limits and online reload fees; nonetheless, it remains one of India’s premier student forex cards and even provides insurance and emergency monetary aid should cards become lost abroad.

3. Easy to manage

Students studying abroad often look for ways to save money on expenses like airfare, travel insurance, college fees and cash withdrawals. One effective and effortless solution for doing this is getting a forex card.

An international forex prepaid card allows you to make payments worldwide without worrying about currency conversion or cash shortage. Furthermore, this card comes equipped with additional benefits, including being able to track spending online and reload instantly.

Student forex cards boast one great benefit – zero forex mark-up fees on international spending – making them incredibly popular among Indian students who plan to study overseas.

Niyo global card for students, provided in conjunction with DCB Bank, is an ideal example of a forex card offering these benefits to students. It allows them to pay in over 150 countries without incurring fees for loading funds, changing PIN or ATM withdrawals.

4. Widely accepted

As students studying abroad incur many foreign currency expenses related to tuition fees, travel costs and daily purchases, the best way to avoid foreign exchange related charges is using a forex card such as Niyo Global Card which offers no markup on transactions so students can use cash more cost effectively and replace cash purchases at significantly reduced costs.

This card also comes equipped with many advantages, including international travel insurance and free airport transfers, with no reloading fee or ATM withdrawal charges to worry about. Furthermore, students will find this card convenient as it can easily be loaded via their mobile app and is readily available at various money changers.

Other popular forex cards for students include Axis Bank’s multi-currency card and HDFC’s ISIC Student Forex Plus Card, both of which can only be used within the US, UK and Europe. But among students the Wise Borderless Card stands out as it allows transactions in over 60 currencies simultaneously!

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