Could The Scammers Be Held Accountable?

There is not 1, not ten, not hundreds or thousands but more than a million ways of earning income. However, for some these more than million ways are not enough. Instead, they settle on utilizing illegal ways where income generation depends upon scamming or defrauding someone by embezzling, stealing, looting or plundering.

Scams – An Illegal Source of Livelihood

So the easiest way of income generation for fraudsters is to scam people, and their most effective method of doing that is Forex Broker Scams.

The question however is what is this Forex Broker Scams? It is a type of scam in which scammers develop a business where they offer brokerage services in trading of currencies. On the face of it such a business looks very much authentic. There is hardly any clew left for anyone to differentiate the truth from the false. But the actual truth is far from the reality. Scammers have a singular objective and mission which is to embezzle money belonging to their victims. This is the way they are making their livings or in some case some scammers are doing this for fun as well.

No Fears & No Remorse At All

It has been seen in the past that at many occasions scammers breached a network and stole the funds. However, after a day or two, they returned the stolen funds with a statement that they did not mean any harm. Whether for fun or for stealing funds, scamming is a crime which falls in the category of financial crime. So through their so-called forex brokerage firms, they mean harm to investors. They offer their victims business which is based on fraud. Without realizing that scammers are going to fool them, investors deposit their funds with these fake forex brokers.

Investors – The Soft Targets

Generally, the investors come to know of the scammers when they try to take entire or portion of their funds lying in their trading accounts. It is here when the issues of Forex Withdrawal Problems start to show up. Investors’ requests are deliberately delayed till such time when the so-called brokerage is ready to commit exit scam. In this type of scam, public’s money is collected and stolen at once while the brokerage runs away leaving the accounts empty. The persons operating the scam website often take shelter in countries where they can easily abscond law and accountability.

No Where To Hide

Now these fraudsters cannot even hide in far flung countries because of the companies like fund recovery agents. These companies have been formed by private individuals who were long associated with law enforcement agencies. They are experts having loads of experience in the field and know how to capture criminals of financial crimes such as forex scams.

Accessing The Recovery Services

Such recovery agents can be searched on the internet where there are plenty of them. They can be consulted with in the first place for assessing the chances of proceeding a refund claim. These companies render their services against a nominal fee. Criminal proceedings are initiated with the help of authorities existing in the relevant country where the criminals have been hiding. First of all, their hiding places are breached and then they are arrested and trials are initiated.

Once the trial is initiated, then there is more than 70% chance that the trial court will pass a ruling in favor of the victim and against the criminals. Resultantly, the chances of recovering the funds become greater.

Should Or Shouldn’t Pursue?

In the end, it would be entirely wrong not to pursue the case of funds’ recovery because there is no point in grabbing the opportunity. Particularly when the costs are cheaper, it is a worthy option to hope against the eventual reward of retrieving the funds back.


It may also be noted that not all cases are successful but in most of the cases criminals have been caught and have returned the funds. Furthermore, seeking assistance of police or other authorities is often futile against scammers. It is therefore important to begin the search through the right platform i.e. seeking assistance from the recovery agents.

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