Which is the Best Personal Loan For You?

There are various loan options to consider, depending on your unique circumstances. A personal loan may provide assistance with home improvements or college tuition expenses; other possibilities include an auto or 401(k) loan.

When rating lenders, we take rates and fees into consideration as the top criteria, including early repayment or late payments fees.


LightStream offers personal loans to consumers with good to excellent credit at highly competitive rates and flexible terms, and even offers a “rate beat” program. Their application process is quick and simple, although there’s no prequalification option as LightStream conducts a hard credit pull when applying.

Borrowers can utilize LightStream funds for almost any purpose, from home improvements to debt consolidation loans. LightStream offers loan terms that make monthly payments affordable while not charging fees or prepayment penalties.


SoFi offers loans, refinancing, investing and banking services at highly competitive rates, with 24/7 customer support and member perks such as career coaching and assistance in finding employment.

Personal loan programs from lenders offer an ideal solution for consolidating credit card debt. Their loans feature high maximum loan amounts, competitive rates and no application, origination or prepayment fees – in addition to no late payment or insufficient funds fees being levied against them.

Reach Financial

Reach Financial offers personal loans that can assist borrowers in paying off debt. They charge a loan origination fee between 0% to 8% that is deducted directly from the total loan amount borrowed; additionally they offer a 90-day payment pause option in case of hardship.

The lender underwrites their borrowers using multiple signals that go beyond credit scores to assess them as potential borrowers, making their underwriting more innovative than traditional lenders.


Avant employs a soft credit check to pre-qualify applicants. Should the borrower choose to move forward with the application process, however, a hard check could cause minor disruptions in credit scores.

Avant’s loans typically arrive within one to three business days after approval and feature a mobile app for managing them; it enables borrowers to alter payment dates as well as see their loan history.

Best Egg

Best Egg is a lender offering personal loans at highly competitive interest rates, as well as providing various other services like credit monitoring and debt consolidation.

Start off by prequalifying for a loan using Best Egg’s website – this process uses a soft credit pull which won’t impact your score and allows you to view different loan offers to find what fits with your budget.

Personal loans offer borrowers many different uses, from debt consolidation and home improvements to moving expenses and even Direct Pay programs that allow the lender to pay third-party creditors directly – streamlining the consolidation process and saving time!


Discover is perhaps best known for its credit cards, but they also provide personal loans with flexible repayment terms. Discover scored well in WalletHub’s review of its loan offerings when evaluated based on how clearly rates and requirements were communicated to borrowers as well as reputation among borrowers and watchdog organizations.

Discover personal loans offer prequalification by simply providing some information online. A soft credit check won’t damage your score; however, in order to receive a final offer you’ll need to formally apply and submit documentation.


PenFed personal loans are among the finest available. Membership of this credit union may limit which types of loans you can avail yourself of, however.

PenFed also offers competitive checking and savings accounts with competitive APYs, low fees and minimums, nationwide branch locations and mobile banking apps that make accessing account details convenient.

PenFed Bank offers competitive loan and savings account rates to military members or people associated with government, while their online car-buying service makes finding lower car rates even simpler.


Prosper offers unsecured personal loans for debt consolidation, home improvement projects and major purchases. Their application takes minutes to fill out online. Prosper also allows potential borrowers to add co-applicants who might help increase approval or receive a lower interest rate.

Origination fees at this company range from 2.41% to 5% of the loan amount and include a $15 fee for incomplete or late payments.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo provides checking and savings accounts, investments and mortgage services under one roof. With more than 150 years of history under its belt and various previous names for its products and services – both current and past ones! – Wells Fargo continues to deliver excellent services today.

Henry Wells and William Fargo formed Wells, Fargo & Company to meet the banking and express needs resulting from California’s Gold Rush. Soon thereafter in 1860 they acquired Butterfield Overland Mail Company which operated part of Pony Express until the completion of transcontinental railroad in 1869.

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